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Once we get past the age of 30, we all have to expect to see certain signs of aging beginning to develop. Yet if you feel as though you are developing those signs faster than other people your age, you might want to ask yourself if it is time for you to be using an HGH therapyprogram.

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with human growth hormone (HGH) replacement therapy has probably heard it described as a breakthrough treatment that has an amazing ability to reverse the signs of aging. However, that description doesn’t even begin to explain the significant health problem that this prescription-only treatment is actually intended to correct.

Growth hormone deficiency doesn’t only cause adults to appear older than their age; it inhibits the optimum function of a person’s organs, systems and cells, producing a variety of other deficiency related symptoms including:

  • Mid-section weight gain
  • Significant energy loss
  • Low sex drive
  • Reduced cognitive function
  • Restless sleeping patterns
  • Decreased immunity
  • Bone density and muscle loss

Because these symptoms will typically intensify as a person’s degree of growth hormone deficiency becomes progressively worse, it can be very easy to overlook them when they first appear and are relatively subtle. Yet by the time that most adults begin wondering if their by now troublesome symptoms could mean that it’s time for them to receive medically prescribed HGH therapy, that is often exactly what their symptoms mean.


While being able to look and feel younger than you are could be the big news that many people want to hear, that is really only scratching the surface of all the benefits that growth hormone replacement therapy delivers to adults who have a clinically significant degree of HGH deficiency.

However, if your symptoms prove not to be deficiency related, then using HGH injections therapy isn’t going improve them. This is why it is essential to have a blood test that measures the levels of growth hormone present in your system before a diagnosis for this condition can be definitively reached. If your hormone therapy provider determines that your test results and your symptoms indicate that a growth hormone deficiency has developed, he or she will be able to provide you with a program of HGH therapy that can correct it and alleviate your symptoms.

You should also know, however, that you’ll be receiving much more than just the reversal of your obvious symptoms. By using a prescribed cycle of HGH injections to replace the growth hormone that your endocrine system is no longer producing, you will be helping to keep your bones and muscles stronger … keep your mind stronger … protect yourself from developing some of the most deadly degenerative diseases … help you to fight off and recover quickly from minor illnesses and injuries … and helps to keep you on an emotional “even keel.”

That’s right, replenishing an inadequate growth hormone supply even helps adults to stay emotionally stable as well as physically strong. All the while, it helps you to feel more energetic and appear more rejuvenated – but only if your hormone therapy doctor evaluates your condition and determines that you need it. Yet if you don’t have an HGH deficiency, adding more to your system will not necessarily benefit your health or your vitality.


With all due respect to the many fine primary care providers that we all depend on, they cannot be all things to all people as they will be the first to admit. Specialized health care problems often require specialized medical attention, and this is exactly what the doctors at Nexel Medical can provide to you.

Whether you require HGH therapy, or testosterone replacement therapy, or both, Nexel Medical has doctors who have the high level of expertise and experience that is needed to pinpoint your body’s exact hormone replacement requirements. We also have a team of experienced clinical advisors who are dedicated to one goal: The satisfaction of our patients. We have streamlined the procedures involved in using doctor prescribed HGH injections from start to finish. We have made the required testing and physical exam more convenient by localizing them for you, and we have made obtaining your prescription injections online easier and more secure for you.

We provide live patient support; we provide online tutorials for using injectable HGH that are very simple to follow; and we provide our patients with the services of a licensed US online pharmacy that they can trust.

Most of all, we consistently follow the correct medical protocols for diagnosing, testing and treating adult-onset HGH deficiency. If tour health and vitality are truly precious to you, don’t ever settle for anything less for your HGH therapy.